Basketry: how to make a basket.

Made of wicker, cardboard, wood, rope… discover how to weave decorative and practical baskets.


Baskets are on the rise, wicker work is back in fashion and basketry is being honoured. While this ancestral know-how requires a certain mastery, there are easier ways to create your baskets and storage baskets more easily. We went to the web to look for tutorials in pictures to show you that you can make baskets out of ropes, paper, wood… using techniques like weaving and braiding, or even crochet.

Choose raw materials that will enhance your braiding work. Take care of the details by dressing the handle with a pretty leather, painting the base white, playing on a coloured line in the middle of the natural material.

Play the accumulation, by making different baskets in multiple materials and with different sizes. You can store them along a wall to store all the children’s toys. Feel free to create a hanging garden with these baskets, mixing them with macrame suspensions. Small in size, they will become pretty storage accessories in a kitchen or laundry room. Made in XXL version, a basket can also become a basket for newborns!

The possibilities of use of these baskets are multiple! We have selected here some uses for home decoration, but the wicker basket remains a must-have fashion accessory for summer! Discover all our ideas to customize your wicker basket and accessorize it according to your outfit and the fashion of the moment.

You can also, if you don’t feel like a handyman’s soul, buy your wicker basket directly in second hand! Practical, easy and ecological… And don’t let that stop you from getting into DIY later!